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Soup Season

Autumn in the Northeast is the season for cool evenings, the annual color fest, and Soup! My colleague and friend, the pediatric practitioner Brian Maurer, has just posted a piece entitled “Soup” on his blog “Marginal Musings from a New England Author.”  This lyrical essay also contains a great recipe for Minestrone!

Read it and enjoy!

David (aka Kawika) Elpern


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Slow Foods Williamstown

August 8, 2010

Lanai — 261 Park Street

Rose of Sharon in Bloom

Barbare Tytel and Andy Pollock

Heath, MA Blueberry Cobbler

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Med Student Kauai wahine Titta Caitlin made a “hit and run” to Billsville this weekend.  After studying a bit she helped Auntie Martha prepare an onoliscious dinner at “261 Park” == a new slow food eatery with limited seating.

Corn on Grill -- Mexican Style!

An experiment with scallops (it was v. good)

Chard from the garden

Bored Cat has seen it all



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My mom is in town for a conference and she specifically requested that we go to a new favorite Japanese restaurant of hers, Imanas Tei, for dinner last night.  I discovered this place a year or so ago and I’ve been a regular patron ever since.  Always packed to the brim with Japanese people (I always gauge how good a restaurant is based on how many local people are there), the food is very traditional Japanese – clean, simple, fresh, delicious – and served Izakaya style (a lot of small dishes similar to tapas).  Our favorites include the mixed sashimi platter, agedashi eggplant (bonito flakes on the side please), fried tofu in miso sauce, miso soup (soooo good here) and the unagi and avocado roll – almost all of which we indulged in last night.

Everything is served in the most beautiful Japanese pottery

Being quite into our blog herself, my mom said “we have to take pictures!”  We were sitting at the sushi bar and had a fun time watching the chefs prepare and plate everything…the Japanese always make things look so beautiful!  Imanas Tei is located on King St. – next time you are in Honolulu make sure you stop by.  Reservations are a must or else you will find yourself waiting in a looonnnggg line! Also, the yelp.com review says that Imanas is on the pricey side, but our entire meal last night was a  mere $20 – it all depends on what your order, and I actually find it to be very affordable most times.

Thanks for dinner mommy!

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Thanksgiving 2009

It’s officially November, marking the official countdown to one of my all-time favorite food holidays of the year – Thanksgiving.  Don’t ask me why, but I literally look forward to this feast all year long, and have been known to cook the entire spread more than once just because I love it that much.  The thing to know about me is this: when it comes to the actual day of Thanksgiving, I refuse to eat anything other than the traditional spread I grew up with.  Last year my mom attempted to change things up a bit, but I quickly vetoed that…and of course, because she is my amazing mommy, she indulged me.

With that said, I am all about trying new things leading up to and following that one never-fails-to-be-perfect meal.  The Food & Wine website is proving to be my main source of inspiration this year and as I flipped through the various pages, studied the recipes and menus etc. I came across a few things I thought I would share.  And who knows, maybe just maybe I will find a new favorite to add to our usual repertoire.

Easy As Pie…

Here are two already assembled menus that come with printable menus, shopping lists and time planners – making what can sometimes seem like a daunting meal, foolproof.

Something for Everyone…

And of course, here is F&W’s Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide…where everyone, regardless of their tastes and preferences, can find the perfect Thanksgiving recipe(s).

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