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I woke up this morning after a little too much tequila last night craving something cold and healthy. I looked in the fridge and noticed I had a ton of fresh berries as well as as fresh spinach so I decided to put together this smoothie. I was a little unsure since I have never had spinach in a smoothie before but to be honest you couldn’t even taste it! It made me feel so good knowing that I was drinking up all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in this smoothie. Berries are full of vitamin C, fiber, and powerful antioxidants and spinach is a huge super veggie that is high in vitamins A, C, E, K, calcium, folate, and iron. Definitely a super healthy smoothie and super delicious!!!!


  • 1/2 cup fresh or frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 cup fresh or frozen raspberries
  • 1/2 cup fresh or frozen blackberries
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup fresh spinach
  • 1 non-fat vanilla yogurt
  • Drizzle of agave nectar
  • 3 tbsp. ground golden flaxseed
  • 2 cups ice
  • Place all ingredients in blender and bled to desired consistency. Enjoy!
Note: You can always swap in other berries if you would like. I think strawberries would be yummy too but I didn’t have any! 

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or so they say…

(posted by David Elpern)

is a provocative article in the Sunday, May 15 NY Times by Natasha Singer.  “Over the past decade, despite all those sales pitches for “natural,” “organic” and “whole” foods, functional food has turned into a big business for Big Food companies. And more Americans are buying into the functional story. Sales of these foods and beverages totaled $37.3 billion in the United States in 2009, up from $28.2 billion in 2005, according to estimates from the Nutrition Business Journal, a market research firm.”  There is little evidence that these products are healthier than generic food.

Read this article for a reasoned discussion.

The term “Functional Foods” was new to me.  This is from Wikipedia:  “Functional food or medicinal food is any healthy food claimed to have a health-promoting or disease-preventing property beyond the basic function of supplying nutrients.  The general category of functional foods includes processed food or foods fortified with health-promoting additives, like “vitamin-enriched” products. Fermented foods with live cultures are considered as functional foods with probiotic benefits.

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Hello everyone! I know it has been awhile but I am back with a few new yummy recipes! This one is for super healthy and delicious flax smoothies. I am currently obssessed with flax as should everyone else be, since it is a fabulous and easy add-in to add lots of extra nutrition to your meals.

Flax has several important health benefits. #1: It is an easy way to sneak some omega-3’s into your diet, an important nutrient that many of us are deficient in. Just one serving of flax gives you 2800mg of omega-3’s, which is better than none! #2: Flax is a rich source of fiber- just 3 tbsp of it yields a huge 5g of fiber! A Lignans nd how easy is it to mix 3 tbsp of flax into a smoothie, yogurt, oatmeal, or any of your other favorite foods! #3: Flax is high in lignans, which are plant estrogens or phytoestrogens (which contain lots of powerful antioxidants that will make you healthy). are common in most plant foods, but flax has 75x more than any other plant food! With all this being said, who doesn’t want a flax smoothie? 🙂

Here is the recipe for my super yummy and nutritious flax smoothie!

Serves: 2


  • 1 cup fruit of your choice (for the smoothie in this picture I used strawberries and raspberries)
  • 6 oz. yogurt of choice (1 container of your favorite- I used peach greek yogurt (for extra protein) for these smoothies)
  • 2 cups ice
  • 1/2 cup liquid (I used 1/4 orange juice and 1/4 skim milk- feel free to use 1/2 just milk or 1/2 just juice, whatever sounds good to you)
  • 3 tbsp. ground flax
  • Drizzle of agave nectar on top


  1. Place all ingredients in your blender and mix until you get the consistency that you like for your smoothies. If necessary, you may want to add a little water if it is too thick or some more liquid. Enjoy!!

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I’ve had a hard time eating meat after we dissected a cat in my Anatomy & Physiology lab this week, so I picked up some veggie burgers at the store the other day. I tried the Morningstar Farm brand and I LOVE them! They have so many delicious flavors to choose from. I got the Garden Veggie, Mushroom Lovers, and Spicy Black Bean and all of them are so yummy! They are super healthy too, with about 110 calories per burger, around 10 grams of protein, and 3-7 grams of fat. 

The burgers are about $4.59 a box, with 4 burgers in a box. You can cook them on the grill or in the microwave. I cook them in the microwave, and they only take 2 minutes! 

Morningstar Farms also has a multitude of other vegetarian burgers and products that I know I will love when I try them. Check out their products here!

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Here is today’s daily tip from the American Dietetic Association!


Celebrate National Dairy Month

It’s National Dairy Month ─ time to make sure you are getting the milk products needed to keep your bones and teeth strong. How much milk is enough? It is recommended you get three servings of dairy every day.

Here are some easy ways to incorporate low-fat or fat-free dairy products into your daily life:

  • Top off soups and salads with low-fat or fat-free cheese.
  • Have cottage cheese or plain yogurt with fruit for a snack.
  • Add cheese to your morning omelet or low-fat milk to oatmeal.
  • Enjoy a latte with non-fat or low-fat milk. Have a glass of milk with dinner instead of a sugary beverage.
  • Make a shake using low-fat milk, yogurt and fresh fruit.

To learn about other ways to get the calcium your body needs, visit the Calcium page.

Produced by ADA’s Public Relations Team

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Greek yogurt has been making a lot of headlines lately. While I have always been a yogurt lover, I have stuck to my Yoplait and Dannon Light & Fit brands, since they are low-calorie, tasty, and affordable. I kept hearing about Greek yogurt, but I was so set in my ways that I just kind of ignored it. I mean, I really loved my Yoplaits and Dannons, so why try something else?The other day I was at the grocery store and there it was… Chobani Greek Yogurt, with fruit on the bottom. 4 for $5. I thought, well, it’s on sale, I’ll just try it and see if I like it. Since I’m studying Human Nutition & Dietetics right now, I figured I should probably stay up to date and knowledgeable about the latest trends in my field. So, I got a few flavors… strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, peach, pomegranate, vanilla, honey, ok, well maybe all of them… what can I say, I was really curious! Also, I love fruit on the bottom yogurts, so that was a major seller for me. I brought them home, really excited to see what the all the fuss was about with this Greek yogurt, and as soon as I took my first spoonful, I knew. Rich, thick, and creamy, it is unlike any other yogurt I have had. It is slightly but not overly sweet and the small chunks of fruit are a yummy addition.

So what makes Greek yogurt so special? Well, first, it is strained, which means that most of the water is removed from it. Many brands are fat free, with twice the protein of regular yogurt. They also are full of calcium and contain live and active probiotic cultures and are gluten free. Some people find it to be a bit sour, however I didn’t think this was the case with my Chobanis. I also noticed that on average, the Greek yogurt brands have a bit more calories than the yogurts that I normally eat, but they keep me full and satisfied longer, which is better for me! 🙂 They are a little more expensive, but definitely worth the price. They are a great choice for breakfast with cereal or granola added in (Kashi Go Lean Crunch is what I love to have with it), a snack, or for dessert.

Now I tried the Chobani brand, but there are SO many other brands of Greek yogurt that I would like to taste-test. Other popular sellers are Fage, Oikos, Voskos, The Greek Gods, and even Yoplait has their own Greek yogurt too. I’m sure that there are even more brands out there that I’m not aware of. 

So, if you haven’t tried Greek yogurt, I would definitely recommend it… it’s always fun to try something new. And if you have any brands or flavors to recommend, please let me know! 🙂

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I love rice and risottos and I always keep a stock of different kinds in my cupboard for when I don’t have the time or the energy to cook a big dinner. I also always try to keep some sort of fresh veggies in the fridge to add into my meals… if they are in the fridge, then I have NO excuse for not eating them! The other night it was Sunday and I was working really hard on homework. I was hungry, but didn’t want to have to spend an hour making dinner. I went to the cupboard, picked out some Near East Garlic & Herb rice, prepared it according to package directions (takes less than 30 min to cook!), chopped up some fresh broccoli and mushrooms to sauté and then put everything together. It was so easy, so delicious, and so healthy. This is now one of my go-to meals when I need a healthy dinner but don’t really have time to cook and do lots of dishes. 

If you keep enough different kinds of packaged rice mixes and risottos in your cupboard (and EZ-mac is becoming another favorite of mine), you will always have choices so you don’t get sick of a particular kind. When the supermarkets are running sales on these products, grab a bunch to stock up! Fresh veggies are always my #1 preference to add into rice and risottos, but you can always keep frozen veggies in your freezer if you like.

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Tired of all of the salad dressings that I currently have, I picked up this salad dressing at the supermarket last night since I was looking to try something new. Oh my goodness, choosing this salad dressing was possibly the best decision that I had EVER made! I put it on top of my salad last night and fell in love… it is creamy, mild, and such a yummy flavor that I have been craving salad all day today so that I can have more of this wonderful dressing. The all-natural indgredients in it are: Expeller-pressed Vegetable Oil (canola, sunflower and/or soy), Water, Tahini (sesame seed butter), Apple Cider Vinegar, Soy Sauce (water, soybean, wheat, salt), Lemon Juice Concentrate, Salt, Garlic, Sesame Seeds, Xanthan Gum, Parsley, Chives. If a salad dressing can make you want salad, then this is a salad dressing that everyone should buy! I can’t wait to try some of the other Annie’s Naturals salad dressings- on my list now are the Green Goddess, Papaya Poppyseed, and Lemon & Chive salad dressings. The best part about Annie’s Naturals products is that they are all-natural and organic… so you know that they are good for you! 

To learn more about Annie’s Naturals products, click here!

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My boyfriend and I had planned on going to a brunch buffet at a hotel nearby us on New Years Day. We walked into the restaurant, looked at the menu, and found out that it was $40 per person! For what was offered, it was so not worth it so we decided to find somewhere else to eat. We drove around to a few places. Some were closed and some were packed with customers. So, we went to the grocery store, got some Starbucks chai tea to go (thank god for Starbucks at Safeway), and then picked up what we needed to make brunch at home. I made crepes with a yummy crepe mix from Stonewall Kitchen that was super easy to prepare, a mixed berry fruit salad, and my boyfriend made scrambled eggs with ham and cheese. Both the mixed berries and eggs are delicious in the crepes, so you can try one of each! Everything was so yummy and we were really happy that we had stayed home and made our own brunch- it was a lot less expensive, healthier, and we weren’t stuffed from overeating at a buffet! Maybe this will be a New Years Day tradition for us… 🙂

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Just in time for Hanukkah, which starts on December 11th, here are tips from the American Dietetic Association on how to keep your potato pancakes (latkes) healthy. The healthier you make them, the more you can eat 🙂 Happy Hanukkah!

Healthy Hanukkah Latkes

December 4, 2009

As Hanukkah draws near, families everywhere will celebrate with a staple of the traditional Hanukkah dinner table: potato latkes.

Latkes are a fried pancake usually made from grated potatoes mixed with eggs, onions, matzo meal and seasonings. They are often served with a topping of apple sauce or sour cream.

To cut calories on this holiday favorite, try egg whites or egg substitutes instead of eggs to hold the latke together. You can also swap full-fat sour cream and processed apple sauce with a low-fat or no-fat sour cream or homemade applesauce. Peel and chop apples and boil in a small amount of water until they are soft enough to mash.

Produced by ADA’s Public Relations Team

Source: The American Dietetic Association

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