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This Saturday was the first one I have had off from work ALL summer…crazy I know! I love farmers markets and since they are usually on Saturdays I have been unable to go. I was SO excited to have this one off so I jumped at the opportunity to the local farmers market with some of my friends. This one is right down the street from my house and it was so much fun…lots of yummy food, beautiful crafts, and everything else that farmers markets have! I bought lots of fresh veggies and put together the yummiest dinner with them and a kafir lime curry sauce that I bought as well. I am definitely going to try to hit up more farmers markets before they stop in October…lots yummy and healthy fruit and veggies and I love tasting everything!!! Below are some pictures of the fresh produce and the dinner that I made with my goodies! 🙂

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Hi everyone!
How cute is my new apron?! I am so excited that I just had to share it with everyone and all of the other cute aprons that Anthropologie has. I love to cook and bake in an apron. First of all, it makes me feel super cute and second of all, it saves your clothes from getting cheese, flour sugar, tomato sauce, etc. all over them. I love slipping an apron on over what I am wearing and getting to work in the kitchen! I got my apron at the Anthropologie at Cherry Creek Mall and it was super inexpensive at only $32. They all range from $24-$38 and are all different styles and patterns. They are a perfect gift for someone special or for yourself (mine was a gift to me from me!)

Check out all of the aprons that Anthropologie has to offer here!

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Hello everyone! I know it has been awhile but I am back with a few new yummy recipes! This one is for super healthy and delicious flax smoothies. I am currently obssessed with flax as should everyone else be, since it is a fabulous and easy add-in to add lots of extra nutrition to your meals.

Flax has several important health benefits. #1: It is an easy way to sneak some omega-3’s into your diet, an important nutrient that many of us are deficient in. Just one serving of flax gives you 2800mg of omega-3’s, which is better than none! #2: Flax is a rich source of fiber- just 3 tbsp of it yields a huge 5g of fiber! A Lignans nd how easy is it to mix 3 tbsp of flax into a smoothie, yogurt, oatmeal, or any of your other favorite foods! #3: Flax is high in lignans, which are plant estrogens or phytoestrogens (which contain lots of powerful antioxidants that will make you healthy). are common in most plant foods, but flax has 75x more than any other plant food! With all this being said, who doesn’t want a flax smoothie? 🙂

Here is the recipe for my super yummy and nutritious flax smoothie!

Serves: 2


  • 1 cup fruit of your choice (for the smoothie in this picture I used strawberries and raspberries)
  • 6 oz. yogurt of choice (1 container of your favorite- I used peach greek yogurt (for extra protein) for these smoothies)
  • 2 cups ice
  • 1/2 cup liquid (I used 1/4 orange juice and 1/4 skim milk- feel free to use 1/2 just milk or 1/2 just juice, whatever sounds good to you)
  • 3 tbsp. ground flax
  • Drizzle of agave nectar on top


  1. Place all ingredients in your blender and mix until you get the consistency that you like for your smoothies. If necessary, you may want to add a little water if it is too thick or some more liquid. Enjoy!!

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Happy 2011!

Hi Everyone!
Happy 2011! I know that Erin and I have not been posting as much as usual due to our busy lives. I know that I’ve been eating out a lot more than eating in! I started a new job this past June working full-time at The Children’s Hospital in Denver and am still working on my nutrition degree, talking 2-3 classes a semester, so BUSY BUSY BUSY 🙂 However, I am going to make it my new year’s resolution to try to make at least one food related post a week. My first one I know everyone will love, it is for a delicious bacon dip. 🙂

On that note, I wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2011 with lots of yummy food involved!




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In life we all hit many milestones.  I bet you are waiting for me to drop some news about Zoe or I getting married, someone we know (not us!) having children etc. etc.  Nope!  WAY more exciting … Zoe and I have officially posted 500 recipes, stories, articles, and all of that other goodness on this blog in less than 2 years!

Mahalo to everyone – our family, friends, and those we don’t yet know who have supported us and contributed to our baby … and especially to my dear friend Zoe, love you!


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Justin showing us how it's done.

I have a soft spot in my heart for places that serve breakfast at all hours of the day and night; with a special love reserved especially for amazing pancakes and french toast.  When I got this photo and the attached message “pancake teppanyaki omfg” from Tori and Justin who are in Portland, OR right now, I almost died of jealousy and amazement.  And here I have been dying for my own griddle for breakfast at home when I could have been dreaming big like the people who own this place…

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Happy Birthday Zoe!!!

I can’t top a picture of that delicious looking birthday cake Zoe got, but I do want to wish my very dear friend a very happy birthday.  There aren’t too many people in this world who you have literally known forever, and more importantly, who you still hold as an important part of your life.  I am so lucky to have a friend like Zoe – and thanks to this blog, we have been able to reconnect and renew our friendship which has been absolutely wonderful.

Zoe, I hope your birthday was nothing short of perfect.  Wish I was there to help celebrate!



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