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So yesterday when I woke up I poured the soaked sprouts from the jar into the tray and rinsed them off.  After shaking the seeds around so that

sprouts 140

Out of the soaking jar into the tray...here we go...

they were evenly distributed and the water had all drained out, I covered them with the lid and left for the day.  By the time I came home a few of the seeds had already started to sprout!  I rinsed them again and re-covered for the night.

This morning I went to rinse them again and found that even more had sprouted!  Talk about instant gratification.  I’m quite excited to go home and check out what’s happened over the course of today….

sprouts 141

My budding sprout garden 🙂

So far I have learned the following:

There are 6 rules of sprouting:

1. Rinse often

2. Keep them moist, not wet

3. Keep them at room temp (which should be interesting because I do have central a/c and tend to turn it down quite a bit at night)

4. Give them plenty of room to breathe

5. Don’t put too many in any one container

6. Keep them covered, no light!

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After all of the questions I got via Twitter and blog comments on my sprout post last night (I had no idea this was such an interesting topic!), I thought I would share some of the resources that I have found/been given that relate to growing sprouts, having a worm farm etc.  If you know of anything else out there, let me know!



  • The kit that I am using Olin got from Handy Pantry Sprouting.  They carry organic everything, which makes it all that much better 🙂
  • Why Sprout?  Check out a list of great reasons here.
  • Here are a bunch of yummy looking recipes you can use your sprouts to make!


Compostable Worm Farms

  • A helpful YouTube video on how to make your own worm farm…the one the woman makes is rather big, but I am sure you could easily make a smaller scale one using the same technique.
  • Sign up HERE to take an ‘Edible Landscaping Workshop’ to learn how to grow your own food in a variety of environments and also how to start your own compostable worm farm!
  • Are you in Honolulu?  Head down to the Waikiki Worm Company to get a hands on demonstration on how to make your own worm farm, get the supplies and much more.


Have fun!

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Last week I went to a screening of FRESH, a film that stresses the importance of sustainable farming.  Other than making me never want to eat anything that isn’t organic or free-range, I left with a few exciting prospects.  First being that I am going to take part in a lesson on how to make my own compostable worm farm and also how to grow food in various different environments (in my case an enclosed lanai in a gigantic condominium building).  And second, the promise from my fellow Kanu member and friend Olin, to bring me a starter kit with which I would be able to grow my own sprouts in my kitchen.  So yes, it is now my mission to start a farm, or something that slightly resembles that, in my apartment.  Here is the first instillation of what is sure to be an interesting/exciting experiment.

Growin’ My Own Sprouts – Day 1

Today at a meeting Olin brought me my starter kit which included a sprout tray, a packet of mixed sprout seeds and instructions.  He briefly 11.01 127showed me what the deal was, and then presented me with a challenge – that once I had gotten a hang of this whole sprout growing thing that I attempt to make wheat bread entirely out of fresh sprouts (he provided me with a recipe of course).  Never one to turn down a cooking experiment, I agreed and headed home to begin the process.

Step one is soaking the seeds (I started with 1 Tbsp) for 8-12 hours, so I threw those puppies in a jar of water, covered them with a towel (who knows if you are actually supposed to do that, but I was so worried about them being in the light I took the extra precaution) and will check on them in the a.m.  Olin tells me that in 4 days or so I should have quite the amazing sprout collection – something that I am very much looking forward to.  More tomorrow.  Nighty night!


A little sneak peak of what is to come: Here is a link to a video Olin made of him making sprouts….

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As you likely will be able to tell by the following pictures, I am VERY proud of my new herb garden! My mom and I got it started when she was visiting last month. We planted dill, parsley, cilantro, mint, and basil and everything is just flourishing beautifully!! We have been taking good care of the herb garden, watering it when needed, and enjoying the herbs in our everyday meals. 

I picked the herbs based on our favorite things to eat. Basil for tomato and mozzarella salads, dill for salmon and in potato salads, cilantro for mexican food and salsas, mint for mojitos, and parsley because it goes in a lot of yummy dishes. One of my favorite things about having an herb garden is just picking off what I need for each meal, instead of buying the huge amounts that are sold in the grocery store and having most of it go to waste since I normally just need a little bit. It’s so rewarding and exciting to see how my garden has progressed in the past few weeks. After the summer and fall, I want to move my herb garden inside so that I can enjoy my own fresh herbs ALL year long!


My mom shopping for our herbs!












Herbs & Supplies








Getting the planters ready...








Planted and ready to GROW!









Herb garden on the left and new tomato plant on the right!

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Many years ago, my mom found a great Easter craft project in a magazine; living Easter baskets!  They turned out to be so easy to make and such a hit as gifts, that I have continued to make them each year since.  Garnished with a big bow and candy filled eggs, I make anything from big baskets for friends to small ones for coworkers – everyone absolutely loves them!  For instructions on how to make them, go HERE!

*Quick Tip: I give out the baskets as gifts when the grass is about 2 inces tall and is still sprouting/filling in, a few days before Easter.  This way your recipient gets to enjoy it and watch it grow!


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