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We all know that baking is a huge part of Thanksgiving and Christmas- cookies, pies, and all sorts of goodies! Here are some tips from the American Dietetic Association on how to make your holiday baking as healthy as possible. But remember, as with all sweets, enjoy everything in moderation! 🙂

Healthy Holiday Baking

November 12, 2009

With the holiday season fast approaching, take some time to think whether you can adjust your favorite recipes for healthy baking.

When it comes to recipe changes, make small changes, limit the number of changes you make at one time and never change a major ingredient.

Simple changes include reducing sugar and fat, as most recipes call for more sugar and fat than needed. Reduce fat and sugar by about one-fourth and you won’t see much change in flavor or finished product. You can add other flavors like cinnamon, vanilla or nutmeg to offset the reduced sugar.

To reduce fat content, vegetable oils can sometimes be used in place of butter or shortening.

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Source- The American Dietetic Association


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